Betta Then


Artisanal Mountain Honey from Coorg.

The Flavour of the Mountain Blooms

The honey bees of Coorg, Apis cerana, collect the nectar of flowers from tree species endemic to the Western Ghats. This nectar from the wildflowers that bloom in the mountains is carefully harvested annually without harming the bees or their hives. The varied blooms of shrubs, plants and trees of the mountains make Betta Then a truly special honey, which is pure, nutritious and exceptionally tasty.

Artisanal Mountain Honey

In the month of April, artisanal honey gatherers who live in the mountains of the Western Ghats in Kodagu district of Southern India begin to collect honey using time tested traditional methods. The chain of mountains contains some of the best evergreen and semi-evergreen forests harbouring a rich assemblage of flowering trees. Ainmane Betta Then contains the pure nectar of flowers that bloom in these mountains and a subtle flavour of the host tree.

Tradition of Honey Gathering

The traditional honey gatherers look out for beehives in mud walls within their homestead or small cavities in trees in natural wooded areas of Western Ghatsoutside wildlife reserves. The first person to discover a beehives stakes his claim to it by marking the tree or the mud wall.  He further ensures his rights to the hive by placing the thorny branch across it. Since honey gatherers collect the honey during the pre-monsoon season, they responsibly leave behind the required number of honey combs for the bees to survive the monsoon.

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