Hardoor Estate - Organic Arabica

Coriander & Lime Zest
Light Roast

Certified Organic Arabica Coffee from Hardoor Estate in Coorg

Hardoor estate in Suntikoppa Coorg, is home to over a hundred spices of indigenous trees which grow in harmony with Arabica and Robusta Coffees. The 200 -acre hotspot of diversity lies in a valley neighboring the Hardoor river, a tributary of the mighty Kaveri. The community of pepper, orange, jackfruit, lemon, lychee, avocado sapodilla and other trees are embodied in the our coffee giving the unique flavour notes of citrus and spice ,along with the sharp sparkling acidity and a sweet syrupy body. Certified as bird friendly and completly organic , our esates have been lovingly nurtured by 5 generations of agriculture entrepreneurs.

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